Dive Sites

Dive Sites

Antilla Wreck (55 ft/17m)

This is one of the most spectacular wreck dive sites in Aruba.This 400 ft. long German freighter scuttled on may 10th, 1940 is the largest wreck in the Caribbean. It was scuttled in order not to be confiscated by the Dutch government/marines on the island during WWII. The ship has large cargo compartments great for easy penetration and is covered by different types of coral and surrounded by large schools of fish.


Arashi Reef (40-45ft/13m)

A spectacular reef and the perfect dive site for beginners. Various Coral formations where parrot, angel fishes and rays roam the surroundings. Parts of a wrecked Lockheed Lodestar are scattered in the area as well. Turtles are spotted here frequently!



Blue Reef & Debbie II (70ft/21m)

Paths of wildly spread leaf and brain corals awaits you at this bottom reef. Blue Reef is known for its huge lobsters and rays taking their daily “siesta” and waiting to be photographed. Giant barrel sponges in purple, orange and green are all around. The 120ft Debbie II fuel barge was sunken in 1992 to create an artificial reef and new dive site.



Pedernales (25ft/8m)

A beginner’s paradise showcasing a combination of large pieces of wreck spread out between different coral formations. You can see sections of cabins and wash basins as well the pipe line system used by this tanker. In February 1942 during WWII the Pedernales tanker was damaged by a torpedo launched by the German submarine U-156. The ship was hit right in the middle, however the bow and stern remained intact and fully functional. Since ships were in short supply during war time the decision was made to section of the ship, the bow and stern were sectioned off and put back together and what remained was the damaged midsection. This was later used by the Dutch marines for target practice.

Expect to see Moray Eels, pufferfishes and occasionally a nurse shark.



Star Gerren (70ft/21m)

Located right in front of the High Rise area, however not often visited since she is overshadowed by her much larger countrywoman Antilla. She is the Cinderella of the Aruban Shipwrecks. This 499 ton, 245 ft cargo ship was sunken in August 2000 after the ship was reported list to starboard due to leakage turning it into an environmental hazard. This ship almost sits upside down with its propeller at the shallowest point.


Airplanes / Harbour Reef (90ft/27m)

Right off a sloping reef surrounded by soft coral sit these two airplanes sunken purposively to create new dive sites. The oldest of the two the Convair 340 has been shattered during the passage of Hurricanes in the area, the cockpit sits at 72ft/22m. And the Air Aruba YS-11 which is still intact with its nose up in a takeoff position. The cockpit is at a depth of 52ft/16m and the tail end at 90ft/27m. The airplane was stripped of its chairs and doors making it easy to penetrate.

Eagle Ray spotted frequently here!


Additional Dive Sites:

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*Sponge Reef

*Tire Reef